Letter From Santa


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Reindeer Cookies

Santa samples Mrs. Claus' latest cookie, only to learn they are treats for the reindeer.

Dear NAME,

It’s sure been a fun year up at the North Pole, but I’m so glad Christmas is almost here! We’ve spent months getting ready for the holidays and it won’t be long now until we head to STATE to see you in CITY. We can’t wait!

The other day I was in the workshop polishing a new wooden train when Mrs. Claus brought in a plate of delicious gingerbread cookies – my favorite! The elves and I finished the whole batch in just a few minutes, and I decided I'd like one more cookie. I snuck into the kitchen to see if there were any leftover treats and spotted a little box on the counter. The cookies inside weren’t gingerbread, but they tasted great just the same. When Mrs. Claus returned and saw the crumbs in my beard, she let out a big laugh. It seems I was the first to sample the new reindeer biscuits she had cooked up! At least I know the reindeer will love them!

You’ve been good all year, NAME, so keep up the good work and I’ll come visit you soon. I hope you have a wonderful winter and a very merry Christmas!


Santa Claus

P.S. In case I don’t get a chance to write to FRIEND, please mention I’ll stop there with presents, too.


Santa and the elves play hide-and-seek with the reindeer.

Dear NAME,

Guess what time it is? Christmas time! It’s my favorite part of the year and I can’t wait to fly into STATE and see you in CITY. You’ve been so good this year, you’re at the top of my Good List!

Here at the North Pole, we sure love making toys and getting ready for Christmas Eve, but it’s a lot of work and can get pretty tiring. Mrs. Claus makes sure the elves and I take a break every day, and last week we decided to spend some time playing hide-and-seek. The reindeer were easy to find, since their antlers seemed to peek out of every hiding place, but the elves were very sneaky and won just about every game. In the last round we played, we couldn’t find Rudolph ANYWHERE! We looked in the stable, behind the workshop, and down by the pond, but he wasn’t in any of those places. Finally, we saw a faint red glow coming from the tallest snow bank. We tip-toed over, peeked around the side and there he was! It was too bad for Rudolph that his nose gave him away, but it’s good for me on those foggy Christmas Eve trips!

Christmas will be here before you know it, NAME, so please keep being good so I can stop in to see you. I’ll be quiet so I don’t wake you up!


Santa Claus

P.S. Since I can’t write to all the boys and girls, please tell FRIEND I’ll stop by there, too!

Hockey Match

Santa, the elves, and the reindeer play a hockey match.

Dear NAME,

I’ve waited all year for this, and Christmas time is finally here! Soon I’ll load up my sleigh full of wonderful gifts and fly to see you in CITY. STATE is one of my favorite stops on our Christmas Eve trip!

Each year, right before Thanksgiving, everyone here at the North Pole gathers together for the annual hockey match between the elves and the reindeer. You might wonder how well reindeer play hockey, but let me tell you - with their custom hockey sticks and ice skates, those reindeer look more like the Flyers! When it was time for the big match, we headed down to the pond to root for the players. The elves scored three goals and were super fast. The reindeer scored three goals and were doing all kinds of tricks on their skates. Right at the last second, Rudolph slammed the puck into the goal to win the game and everyone cheered, even the elves! This is the second year in a row the reindeer won, but the elves are really good sports!

You’re at the top of my Good List so far, NAME, so please stay on your best behavior so I can visit you on Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful holiday season!


Santa Claus

P.S. Please tell FRIEND I’ll be delivering presents there, too!

Candy Cane Maker

Santa and the elves test out candy cane makers as gifts for this year.

Dear NAME,

Christmas time is finally here and the North Pole is buzzing with excitement! We just love visiting STATE and can’t wait to see you in CITY. It won’t be long now!

Each year, I receive letters from children asking for those little ovens that make real cakes and cookies and pies and all sorts of yummy things. I bring them whenever I can, but this year I decided to try something new – a candy cane maker! My head elf and I worked on the model for weeks and weeks until we thought we had it perfect. We loaded in all the ingredients, pushed the big red button, and waited for our fresh candy canes to come out. When the first one popped out it was a little too pink. The next one was shaped like a squiggle, and the third one didn’t have any stripes at all…it was covered in polka dots! Looks like the candy cane maker isn’t quite ready for Christmas delivery! We’ll keep working on it until it’s just right!

It’s almost time to pack up my sleigh to visit you, NAME, so please do your best to be kind and true so I can bring your presents. I’ll be sure to be quiet so I don’t wake you up!


Santa Claus

P.S. I’m extra busy this year, so please tell FRIEND I’ll be stopping by, too!

Santa's New Puppy

Santa's new puppy almost eats the Good List.

Dear NAME,

We’re finishing up the last of the toys and packing up the sleigh…must be Christmas time again! The reindeer and I are so excited to visit you in CITY, since flying to STATE is one of our favorite stops on Christmas Eve!

Ever since I was a boy I’ve wanted a puppy, and after Christmas last year Mrs. Claus and I picked out the sweetest little dog and brought him home to the North Pole. He loves to play and cuddle, but he has a habit of taking my newspaper back to his doghouse and ripping it to shreds. One afternoon I stopped in my office to check over the Good List for the second time, but it was missing! I searched all over the workshop and in every room in the house, but I just couldn’t find the scroll. All of a sudden I remembered how much the puppy loves paper, so I checked inside his doghouse and there it was! It was a little slobbery, but I could still read the names of all the good boys and girls around the world. Now I keep the List way up high so he can’t fetch it!

Keep up the good work, NAME, and you’ll stay on that Good List, too. I can’t wait to peek in on you this Christmas Eve, so be sure to go to bed on time so I can stop by!


Santa Claus

P.S. Please tell FRIEND I’ll be stopping there with presents, just in case I don’t get a chance to write!

Igloo Building Contest

The elves, reindeer, and Santa and Mrs. Claus have an igloo building contest.

Dear NAME,

The wait is over - it’s Christmas time again! We’ve been so busy here at the North Pole the year has sure flown by, and we’re so glad we’ll be seeing you in CITY soon. I just love visiting STATE!

The weather has been so frosty up here this winter that we’ve spent even more time playing in the snow. One day Mrs. Claus had the great idea to have an igloo building contest! We split into teams and got to work – some people made bricks of ice and others worked on building the igloos. Everyone had a great time working together and watching their creations get bigger and bigger. When we were all done, the elves had made an igloo that looked like a storybook cottage, the reindeer had built a big log cabin of ice, and Mrs. Claus and I had created the most beautiful winter palace. It sure was lovely - it helps to have a little magic up your sleeve!

You’ve been good all year, NAME, and if you keep up the good work I can stop in to see you on Christmas Eve. Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!


Santa Claus

P.S. I won’t be able to write to all the girls and boys, so please tell FRIEND I’ll be stopping by!

Baby's First Christmas

A great letter for the baby book, celebrating the baby's first Christmas.

Dear NAME,

I know you can’t read this yet, but I wanted to send a note letting you know how excited I am to share your first Christmas with you! One day when you’re bigger, you’ll know just how special and wonderful this time of year is, and all about the magic I bring to good boys and girls.

Since this is your very first Christmas, you get a special spot on my Good List! When you’re older you’ll have to be sure to listen to your family, be kind to others, and do your best to be a good person, but for now, being a sweet, cuddly baby is just fine! The joy you bring to your family is one of the greatest gifts of all, even better than the toys I bring!

I can’t wait to peek in on you when I fly into CITY this Christmas. I’ll do my best not to wake you up, since a baby sleeping all night is quite a blessing, too! Merry Christmas, NAME, and welcome to the world!

Santa Claus

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Please don’t forget to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s gift to the world!

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Candy Cane Maker Christian Text

Don’t forget the most important thing to celebrate this Christmas: God’s gift to the world, Jesus Christ!

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Santa's New Puppy Christian Text

And please be sure to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

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Igloo Building Contest Christian Text

Be sure to remember what Christmas is all about: celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s gift to the world.

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Baby's First Christmas Christian Text

One day when you’re bigger, you’ll know just how special and wonderful this time of year is, and all about God’s amazing gift to the world, his son Jesus Christ.

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